Where is 7eight7 located?We are located at 1420 Ponce De Leon Ave, San Juan PR 00907  in the heart of Santurce, just off the PR-26 (Baldorioty Expressway) and a few blocks from Calle Loiza & Condado.

When is the venue open?We are open Fridays, Saturdays & Mondays from 10:30pm to 5am.

When is the best time to come & what time should I arrive?
It is always a great time to come… Our vibe builds all the way up through the morning. However, the earlier you come, the easier it is to walk in and enjoy our entertainment.

Upon arrival, how do I enter?Upon your arrival, you will be greeted out front of the venue by our front of the house, VIP hosts & security.

Will I have to wait in line?If you have a VIP table reservation, there’s a designated line where one of our VIP hosts will greet you and escort you to your VIP table. If you are coming without any reservations, the general admission line length/wait-time depends on how busy the night is and if there are any special events.

What do I need to bring to enter?You need to be at least 21 years of age if male & 18 years of age if female, with a valid form of identification.

When is it busiest?Our busiest nights are Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30PM well into the morning.

How much is the cover charge?Our cover fee can vary depending on the night, event or artist that night & time of arrival.

Dress Code

What is the dress code?7eight7 is not just a place to “see and be seen” – we aim for you to inspire, and be inspired. We want to encourage our patrons to bring out the best in themselves in terms of elegance, style and positive energy. Thus, a strict dress-code is associated with all our events, and admission is determined exclusively at the door by our staff. Everything stylish-nightlife attire, such as, dress shoes, button-up shirts, dresses, nice pants or jeans and blazers.

What can you not wear?We do not allow oversized or excessively baggy clothing or beachwear, such as shorts, tank tops & sandals.


What is the capacity of the venue?1,095.

What is the table arrangement and how does it work?There are multiple areas inside the venue where you can get a table with bottle service, including the 2nd floor mezzanine. Each area offers different price points, depending on location & capacity.

How many bars are there?There are 3 bars, One located on the main floor and the other on the second floor.

Where is it busiest?The busiest area would be the main floor, where the dancefloor, main bar and DJ are located.

How do I make a reservation?You can make a reservation for table and bottle service by calling texting: +1 (805) 746-5480 (English), +1 (702) 747-0058 (Spanish) or visit our reservations tab.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?1 week in advance is preferred, however, we can work to accommodate last minute reservations while there is availability.

Are table locations guaranteed?With a reservation and deposit, yes.

How do I confirm my reservation?Reservations are confirmed verbally with deposit link.

Am I allowed to smoke inside?No, smoking is not permitted inside the venue.

How much are bottles sold for?Bottles start around $250 and go up according to taste & availability.

What is a VIP table minimum?
The minimum is a guaranteed agreement on the dollar amount that will be used exclusively for bottle service (table service) and does not include tax or gratuity. If you spend less than the minimum agreed, you will still be required to fulfill the entire dollar amount. Once the minimum has been met, anything else would be regarded as additional purchases.

What happens if I don’t meet my minimum?If you spend less than the minimum, you will still be required to fulfill the entire dollar amount as a rent fee.

Do you do anything special for birthdays or other celebrations?Our bottle presentation reflects and adapts to all celebrations. Please inform a host or bottle server upon arrival about what you are celebrating.


What happens if I leave something behind?All lost items that we find are stored in safe keeping. If you realize you lost something, notify a guardian, text guest services (939)371-1437 or fill out our lost & found form.

Do you have a lost & found?Yes.

How can I be notified if my lost item turns up?After you leave your contact information or fill out our lost & found form, one of our management staff members will reach out to you.


What do I do for parking?We have roofed parking available and there may or may not be street parking around the venue.

How much is the parking fee?The hourly fee depends on the night & capacity.

Is it safe to park on the street?It is always a good idea to lock your car & not store valuable items in your car. We recommend parking at our designated area.


What kind of music do you play?Our DJ’s spin and mix of all genres throughout the night… This is called Open Format.

What time do the go go dancers usually go on?It depends on the night, but it usually is at 12:30AM.

How long do go go dancers perform for?There is no set time. It really depends on the night, but it is usually from 12:30AM – 4:30AM.

What are some artists that have performed at 7eight7 before?Jhay Cortez, Mora, Jowell & Randy, Marconi Impara, Anonimus, Alejo, Pusho, Young Miko, Villano Antillano, Rainao, De La Ghetto, Dj Warner, Lunay, Chanell, LVice, Jliany, Lil Jou Jou, Jotaerre, Enyel C, Sahir, Rvsell, Jovaan, Dj Bash, Dj Blass, Dj Gian, Dj Hype Reaction, Dj B.r.o.d.e.r, Alvarito Diaz, Green Cookie…


Do I have to be over 21 to get in?For guys, YES. Ladies on the other hand, 18 years or older.

What are the security protocols at the door?Men get patted down & if a guy brings a bag, it will be checked. Women get their bags checked.

Can I bring my bag to the club?
You are allowed to bring one personal handbag/bag or purse.

What items are prohibited?We do not allow any type of weapons or consumables (drinks or food not allowed).

Can I bring my medication in the club?Yes, with proper prescription.


What are the service fees?All sales are subject to the municipal & state sales tax, which is a 11.5%.

What is the gratuity fee?We charge a 20% gratuity fee on table and bar tabs.

Which forms of payment does 7eight7 accept?We accept cash, American Express, Visa, MasterCard & Discover. We also accept Bitcoin.

How many transactions can be made per party?We can only take up to 2 credit card payments per party/reservation.


What if I have an issue at the venue?Any floor host or floor manager throughout the venue will be happy to assist you.

What if I am not pleased with my experience or if I have a suggestion?Please inform any VIP host or floor manager on what we can do to improve your experience.


Be respectful of all staff members including cleaning staff, bathroom attendants, dancers, security, bartenders, waitresses, guest services, and so forth. Please be courteous, as they are all here to provide the best experience possible for all guests. Any negative interactions and/or conduct can result in being asked to leave the premises. Be respectful of other guests, since everyone is there to have a good time. Please be mindful of your interactions with others, do not make unwarranted contact or interact with guests if they have already made it known they’re not interested. Photography inside the venue is permitted, as long as you respect the privacy of all employees and guests alike. Drinking outside our venue or while in line is prohibited. Drinks or bottles cannot leave the venue. Anyone who is intoxicated will NOT be allowed into the club.  Please keep your drinking under control, if you feel you are intoxicated or see someone, let our staff know so they can assist as soon as possible.

The consumption of any illegal substances is strictly prohibited.